The power of AI

The use of satellite imagery in agriculture is not something new. It has been used in a limited way for decades, mostly to provide simple things like indexes (NDVI, NDWI…). 
But the arrival of Artificial Intelligence completely changes the way we use satellite imagery in Agriculture.
The ability to create detectors* based on existing data opens thousands of possibilities. At SpaceSense, we specialize in using Artificial Intelligence on satellite images. We create the best detectors* so that they are simple to use and to integrate!
*A detector is an AI model or algorithm designed to to detect or predict certain features (humidity, yield, diseases...) from satellite data.

5%of classical AI models work on satellite imagery, requiring us to create most of them from scratch.

Average accuracy of our detectors+90%

Improve performances by at least 15%

Increased reliability with customization

Another advantage of our technology is the ability to adapt all our detectors to your climate and soil! This process is automated and creates a totally unique detector calibrated on your data, which improves performances significantly.
This has a second advantage: Through that you can test the accuracy of the detector and know exactly how reliable it is. No more black box system that promises you the moon but under-delivers.