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Space Agriculture Starter Pack

The perfect offer for any Digital Farming solution which wants to start getting value from satellite insights. 

We are in the middle of a modern agricultural revolution

Although satellite imagery insights have been available for about 30 years in agriculture, they have failed to be widely used because of their cost, the complexity of use and the limited information they could provide. This is what SpaceSense is changing!
Our Space Agriculture Starter Pack gives you access to simple yet efficient insights that bring instant value to your clients, for FREE.

What do we offer ?You can monitor 20 000 ha of your fields with 9 different vegetation indexes including NDVI, NDWI, SAVI, NDRE, CHI, LAI, EVI, NIRv, RGB. Not sure what these mean? Check out our blogpost below!

What can you do with it ?

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Crop Health Monitoring

Perfect for monitoring vegetation greenness and growth, measuring relative water content in leaves and overall plant physical state...

Crop Performance Monitoring

Precise measuring of nitrogen stress & chlorophyll levels in the crop, and all biochemical states of the plant...

How will you benefit from it ?

Maximize your ROI

Increases the amount of data you can provide

Scale your business

Integrable in few hours

Be more competitive

Scales your business by offering global coverage

Multiply data sources

Improves your competitiveness

Try the Space Agriculture Starter Pack

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