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Provide your customers with satellite information for agriculture

Our solutions consist of different bundles directly adapted to a specific need. In each bundle you will find several services that provide specific information useful for your customers. We also provide "Additional services" that are relevant in each bundle that you can also request.
If you'd like to create your own bundle by mixing different services, we can do it too! Simply click on the button below to let us know what you'd like.

Crop Health Indicator

Monitor your crop health by detecting biotic and abiotic stresses through NDVI, NDWI and NDRE

Crop Anomaly Detector

Identify the areas of the field where the crop is over or under performing compared to how it usually grows

Beyond Cloud™

Use our brand new solution based on radar satellites to get access to your crop health information even when it is cloudy!

Irrigation Indicators

Monitor your crop by detecting crop water stress and soil humidity levels with NDVI, NDWI and SMI

Soil Moisture Content

Use this service to replace some of your sensors and get the actual volumetric soil moisture value for each point of your field

Fertilizer Indicators

Monitor your crop by detecting fertilizer deficiencies with NDVI, NDRE and CHI

Nitrogen prescription map support

Get a map of your field with zones representing the different levels of nitrogen. Ideal to simply generate a prescription map support

Coming soon!

Field boundaries detector

A useful tool to automate the field registration for your users

Crop Type Detection

Detect which crop is growing where using satellite imagery

Harvest Flag

Put alert systems to know if fields in a specific area have been harvested

Index +7

Nothing can be as good as knowing what is ahead in time. Here we provide all the indexes a week before in time to plan your crop accordingly.

Boundary Detection

Accurate boundary detection becomes unmanned from now. Give us the GPS position we get you the boundary map in no time.

Yield Prediction

Get the yield forecast of your field at different stages of the crop development to help you plan better and apply preventives measures

Crop Type Detection

Understand through a ariel survey what type and how many types of crops are growing across your farm lands to maintain the balance.

Harvest Flag

When In doubt raise the flag !! Checking whether the field is harvested or not can be done here.